Ibuprofen…traffic lights…HP sauce; three random things, yet they all have something in common, all were gifted to the world by Nottingham! Although it is known for several more things (such as tarmac, Raleigh Bikes etc) one of the most overlooked features of Nottingham is the ability to throw a heck of a wedding party!

Now we’ve got the awesome blog introduction out of the way, it’s time to move on to the meaty part of the article. If you couldn’t work it out from the title, today we will be exploring 5 unique venues in Nottingham to host your dream wedding:

Rufford Mill, Rufford Country Park:

Rufford Mill is one of the most popular wedding venues in Nottingham, and it’s not very difficult to understand why! In essence, marriage represents an eternal bond between two souls. With that in mind, what better location to get married in than one which emits serenity and natural beauty! Not only will the scenery give off positive vibes throughout the day, it also makes for great wedding photographs and videos. Not to mention, the inside of the venue is just as aesthetically pleasing as the location it’s set in. For more information, you can look here.

The Saracen’s Head Hotel:

So we’ve talked about how Rufford Mill gives off that “naturistic vibe”, with sceneries to complete your wedding. However, there are still more elements to consider when searching for right location for your “big day”. This is where the Saracen’s Head Hotel steps in. If you think about, marriage isn’t just two souls coming together in holy matrimony, marriage itself represents an ancient tradition which (unlike the Harlem Shake trend) has truly stood the test of time. With the Saracen’s Head being built in the 12th Century (then renovated again in the 18th Century) it reflects this idea that marriage has always, and will continue to be, a part of human tradition. Oh…and the venue interior is great too!

Ruddington Grange:

When you combine natural settings with history, you get the Ruddington Grange. It has a long list of previous inhabitants, one of which is the founder of Raleigh Industries, Frank Bowden. Anyway, this is the perfect venue to get married then go put a hole in one! No…really…the venue is situated on the same premises as a golf course. As awesome as that is, it’s not the only selling point this venue boasts. Again, the interior is spot on as well as the professionalism of staff. Overall, a classy venue with a small history and an awesome golf course to bring all these elements together nicely. Maybe after all the stress you can go kick back and go play some golf with the newly wed bride (or vice versa).


If the fabulous name hasn’t already made you book your wedding there, we’ll give you a few other reasons as to why Goosedale is an awesome place to have a wedding! With over 100 acres of land, you’re guaranteed breath-taking views of Nottinghamshire. With a good selection of exclusive, private rooms you’re guaranteed to not only have an amazing wedding ceremony, but also impress your guests at the same time. As well as ticking “aesthetically pleasing” on your wedding checklist, the great thing about Goosedale is its convenient location. It gives off the secluded countryside vibe, yet it’s only minutes away from the buzz of Nottingham!

The Walled Garden at Beeston Fields:

If you ask most to be brides, most of them will perceive their wedding to be “enchanting”. I guess that’s a reasonable request, since it is the best day of most people’s lives! If you want your wedding to be enchanting (and you’re looking to get married in Nottingham), then there really is no other choice than the Walled Garden at Beeston Fields! They even have their own secret garden down there, which is the product of original red brick walls, rusty iron works, old wooden gates and a grape vine green house! If you’re still not convinced, it also features a Georgian bar, chequered dance floor and boasts large, beautiful chandeliers! It has a vintage “aura” which is what would make it that much more enchanting for some.

There you have it folks, 5 unique venues in Nottingham have your dream wedding. If you feel like we’ve missed something important, you want to make a blog topic suggestion or you’d simply like to make a suggestion to tod

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